Cloud Computing is no longer a suggestion for business. It\’s a requirement.

Cloud Computing is no longer a suggestion for business. It\’s a requirement.


Our data is all around us: it is in our phones, in our computers, and the waves and signals that surround us while being unnoticeable. With the advancements in technology growing more and more complex each day and the abundance of smartphones increasing exponentially, it is only understandable that businesses and companies update their own systems to ones that are easily accessible to such people. Not only does this help to broaden their audience and potential markets, but also serves to further streamline the processes of their own business methods.

Today’s, thousands of businesses have adopted cloud technology in order to further revolutionize their workplace and many more are looking into converting to cloud solutions within the next few years. It is said that around half the amount of companies that currently do not employ the cloud in their businesses believe that doing so will bring about significant positive change to their brand of commerce. These ‘Software as a Service’ or SaaS solutions have the ability to run the essentials of a business, from top to bottom.

Cloud based software is much easier to maintain and provides feasibilities unmatched by on-premises solutions, making it the top choice. So here are a few reasons why it is crucial to make use of cloud computing solutions for success.


Purchasing hardware for a large enterprise for the sake of manual storage and processing of data can be quite an expensive feat. With cloud computing, you may eliminate the need of buying expensive hardware and simply pay as you go while making use of a subscription based online space for storage and processing. Such an Opex (Operating Expense) model can prevent your business from having to make a large upfront investment or from getting stuck in a fruitless, long term commitment.


With cloud computing, your working methodology transforms into one that translates into facility and ease-of-use. A simple and secure internet connection will allow you to access all of your data and work upon the services you provide. Not only that, but the employees enjoy a better, more flexible working environment without hurting the overall productivity of the workplace. The data can be accessed off-site, and online services may be turned on or off any time.


On-site data or data stored on hardware, such as laptops, that are easily stolen or lost in a sheer number on an annual basis, are prone to several security threats. The leakage or falling of sensitive data in the wrong hands can cause great harm to an enterprise. In such cases, cloud computing provides a safety cushion. Disaster recovery facilities, that back up all data online in the case of loss, and the capability of data to be wiped (Just ask Hillary) off of stolen or damaged machinery is a great plus.


Depending on the services you choose, your systems will be regularly updated with all the latest security fixes, patches, and other pertinent updates, keeping your software and systems fresh, agile, and running at their highest level of operation. The servers are off premise and your provider will handle the security and overall service for you.

Cloud computing allows you to deliver results faster, cheaper and with enhanced quality. These factors help to give you an edge over your competition and come out on top in the business world, which is why adopting a cloud based methodology is critical for a successful business.

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