Websites have come a long way and its importance cannot be overemphasized. For every serious business, whether it’s just starting out or has been around for a while, having a website is very important. For clients, a website says a lot about your business and goes a long way in determining if they will be patronizing you or not.

Millions surf the Internet daily, searching to find solutions to their everyday needs which includes governance. For some of these web surfers, they want to learn about local city scholarship opportunities, where to make cheaper and better online purchases because it saves time, energy, and money and some even want to pay taxes online. Surfers visit websites to learn more about a city they intent to visit or relocate to. Websites provides the best available option as it is open and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and even when the office is closed. Most people have defined websites as a great customer service professional, marketing agent and sales representative all in one. It doesn\’t get tired or take vacations even when you do.

Local city government has been a form of public administration which exists, mainly as the lowest tier of administration in a given state. As citizens, we have more contact with our local city governments than we do with any other level of government. This is simply because local city government runs our city libraries, utilities, fire departments, parks, public swimming pools, local law enforcement and many other areas of our public lives. This indicates that this particular government should as a matter of fact be in sync with the people and there is no better way to do this in this time where 95% of its citizens have internet access and internet enabled devices than to have a well updated and well maintained websites for their citizens.

A well updated and well maintained website is first of all a communication tool for the local city government, as it keeps individuals and organizations based in remote locations informed.

More specifically, a well updated and well maintained local city government website can be a publishing tool, just like any newspaper or magazine website.

it can be a viable marketing tool , providing the local city government with a very effective way of publicizing and promoting their plans and activities as they would by producing a brochure or buying advertising space in the press, this is obviously very cost effective. A well updated and well maintained local city government website may also be used for building or enhancing public trust for a new regulatory authority, or to actually promote commercial services like state libraries, statistical offices, or even invite investment in publicly-managed financial instruments.

Information disseminating is immediate, as this allows the fast release of news and other information items to the public, which an agency may find useful by responding to promptings from the media, or acting in moments of crisis. Additionally, if properly maintained a website provides information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , and can cater for the needs of the citizens that either find it hard to visit the agency personally (eg; the disabled) or to contact it during working hours.

It can be an effective transactional tool, when they allow financial transactions of any kind. Conducting transactions online is also generally faster, as payments can be processed quickly, more convenient and brings more transparency to the entire system, as opposed to what happens with other, more traditional e.g. paper-based forms and manual input by officials.

It can be used to facilitate professional activity by, allowing information exchange between the Local city government and its employees and/or other stakeholders e.g. a website that provides police authorities with restricted access to vehicle registration databases probably managed by transport authorities, or make medical knowledge based resources available to doctors in a remote location.

A Local city government’s well maintained and well updated website, if planned and realized appropriately can represent a relatively inexpensive and effective solution if compared to other ways of communicating.

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