Why It\’s Important Today For You To Stand Out

With so much noise on the internet right now, what you really want to do is take a shortcut to fame by having a physical feature that makes you stand out.

Some customers remember sellers simply because they have purple hair or have a QR code as a tattoo.

With today’s competitive world, you not only need to do your job perfectly, you’re also supposed to be aesthetically unforgettable.

I once had a schoolmate who dyed her hair red. I remember her.

I once had a schoolmate who had only one functioning eye.

I once had a friend in college who shaved off all her hair.

The point is, among all the people who came and went in my life, I will never forget these people because they had a distinguishing physical feature that says a lot about who they are. Let it be the same with your website. What will people remember you by?

Doing a job is awesome, but being able to physically stand out while being useful is the cherry on top of the cake.

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