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Understanding Your Search Ranking Through Google’s Updates

SEO services are popping up like mushrooms nowadays, but before you invest in a company, it’s best to know a little about how Google rankings work. And what better way to do that than the different updates Google’s had in recent years.

In 2011, Google’s update was called Panda. It shut down websites that were created just to rank higher in the search engines. It based its judgment on whether or not the keywords that the Googlers used gave them the corresponding information or not.

This affected affiliate sites and low-content sites greatly. Today, the Panda update is still relevant.

In 2012, Google’s update was called Penguin. It focused on whether or not your website link appeared on other sites or not. And if it didn’t, then you would rank lower than other sites that do.

Google was very particular about whether or not the links were artificial or not. It’s like the difference between riding a train and not going to the station at all.

In 2013, Google’s update was called Hummingbird. This was when voice search was in the spotlight. Phrases rather than individual words were given importance.

For example, just Googling Art Business would show up different results from How To Open An Art Business.

In 2015, Google’s update was called Mobilegeddon. This was when Google focused on the very possible future of people using Google more often in mobile than on a desktop. This year, about half of all search queries came from mobile devices.

In 2016, Google updated to Possum. This update was pretty cool–the closer you are to a business, the more likely it’ll show on your search results.

In 2018, Google focused on mobile indexing. Google decided to rank sites according to its mobile version.

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Why It’s Important Today For You To Stand Out

With so much noise on the internet right now, what you really want to do is take a shortcut to fame by having a physical feature that makes you stand out.

Some customers remember sellers simply because they have purple hair or have a QR code as a tattoo.

With today’s competitive world, you not only need to do your job perfectly, you’re also supposed to be aesthetically unforgettable.

I once had a schoolmate who dyed her hair red. I remember her.

I once had a schoolmate who had only one functioning eye.

I once had a friend in college who shaved off all her hair.

The point is, among all the people who came and went in my life, I will never forget these people because they had a distinguishing physical feature that says a lot about who they are. Let it be the same with your website. What will people remember you by?

Doing a job is awesome, but being able to physically stand out while being useful is the cherry on top of the cake.

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5 Steps To Increase Traffic To Your WordPress Site

If you’re having trouble with getting traffic to your website, Houston Web Design has some tips for you to increase the number of visitors for your website to take off.

Here are five simple steps towards more people viewing your website and increasing the chances of you landing a sale.

1. Have an E-book Freebie

People love free stuff. Give away a piece of your mind on how you achieved success to your followers, they’ll surely appreciate it.

2. Follow Your Mutuals

The best appreciation you can give your followers is a follow-back. Although, it’s best to leave spammers out of your follow list. Accounts that are relevant to your business are also good profiles to follow.

3. Join A Facebook Community

Nobody likes a non-team-player. Get in the online circle. Be part of a community.

4. Attend To Questions That People Have For You

Go on Quora and have an answering-spree. I’m sure there are lots of things people like to know about you.

5. Use keywords for your posts

Making use of the power of Google’s web crawlers through strategic keyword placement in your posts can really put your business at the forefront of the people that need your solutions.

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